3-Payments of $13

Dear Nail Tech,

Are you tired of either doing the same ole nail art or not knowing how to do it at all?

Nail art is the most popular trend in the nail industry and so many nail techs are missing out because they don't know how to do these beautiful nail art dsigns.

The truth is you're literally leaving dollars on the table and letting them walk right out your door if you don't know how to do them.

Some of these techniques look like they took hours to complete when in all actuality they were created in a minute or two...

Yes, that's right literally in a minute or two.

Imagine having a client sit in your chair and show you a design that you can do is two to five minutes. Now what if you charged only $5 per design? That's an additional $10 you're leaving on the table.

At 20 clients a day you could potentially be making an additional $200 per day, which is $1000 per week, and $12,000 per year!

What would that feel like?

I was honestly low balling it there but you get the picture.

So the question you're probably asking yourself is...

If these techniques are so easy to learn, why aren't more people doing them?

Because no one is REALLY willing to pull back the curtain and show you step by step how to do these techniques like the ultimate nail guru herself, Mary Negron.

Mary's techniques are so in-demand that she's been flown all over the world to educate other industry professionals on how to do these simple quick techniques to add instant revenue to your bottom line.

She also did it with The Ultimate Nail Course, and now she's doing with with her brand new video...

Quick & Easy Nail Art


If you implement the techniques Mary teaches you in this video, you can make your money back many times over.

In this video you'll learn:

  • How to do a marbelized nail. There are so many ways to apply this technique. Most of them are messy. Mary show's you her technique using only 1 tool and your favorite colors of polish.

  • How to do 3-D nail art. There's a science behind it that Mary has mastered, and in this training she will transfer that over to you!

  • How to apply stones that DON'T move. Most clients don't get stones because before they leave the salon, they fall off. You won't have that problem after you use this technique.

  • How to add chain's to nails properly. Chaining is so beautiful, but no one know really knows how to make the chain stay without coming off too soon. Mary shows your her fool-proof technique for this.
  • And so much more!

    The best part is this is straight education that you will be able to implement immediately on your clients.

    Take Control Of Your Career!

    Give this course a try risk-free.

    We want to help you master quick and easy nail art to add instant revenue to your bottom line. This video is backed by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not doing these techniques on your clients earning extra money within 30 days, send us an email and we will refund you no questions asked.

    It's time to accept this risk-free investment into you and your family's future.

    3-Payments of $13

    Be Blessed,

    Marquetta Breslin

    Marquetta Breslin





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