1-Hour Phone/Zoom Consultation ($750 Per Hour)

During this 1-hour consulting session, Marquetta will help you get clear on your goals, focus your time and effort on those things that will help you achieve them, and create a realistic plan for living the life of the Million Dollar Stylist® as quickly as possible.

Monday Mastermind ($99)

This is a 20-minute phone call with you and Marquetta Breslin where you can ask her anything you want. Every Monday, Marquetta sets aside two hours and takes four calls specifically for the "Monday Mastermind". This is perfect for someone on a budget who needs direction, advice, or to simply "Mastermind" with Marquetta over any area in life and business. This is available to use once per person.

1-on-1 Immersion Day ($6,000)

Imagine spending an entire day (9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. PST), just you and Marquetta Breslin, focused on building your business. You’ll dig deep into purpose, platform, and product, and walk away with more clarity, more excitement, and more confidence than ever. This day is customize toward you and your business and all information is kept confidential. You must travel to Las Vegas, NV for your 1-on-1 Immersion Day.

Interactive Monthly E-Mail Coaching ($750 Per Month)

You get Marquetta Breslin's personal e-mail address and can ask her questions Monday - Friday. This is called Interactive for a reason. Marquetta will reply to you in three different ways. You may get a reply in e-mail, audio, or video. This is the closest thing to having Marquetta Breslin on your team as you can get.

1-on-1 Hands On Training ($750 Per Hour)

Some people need hands on training. This is the solution for that. Work up close and personal with Marquetta Breslin. There is a 2-hour minimum with this service.






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