Sneak Peek Inside The Lace Wig Mentorship Program

I have to tell you, the past 48 hours have been very exciting. So many of you have signed up for the Lace Wig Mentorship Program notification list, and it’s so exciting to see something come to fruition and go live.

But today I want to answer the biggest question I’ve been getting asked, and that is, “What is the program all about?”

So I recorded the video above to explain what the program is and what it’s all about.

Also, instead of opening the program up on September 12th, I’ve decided to go live on September 4th, which is this coming Tuesday. So on Tuesday, you’ll be able to submit your official application for the program. Don’t wait, be sure to get it in as this will 100% sell out.

If you have any questions, feel free to text, reply to this email, or call. Our team will be back in the office on Tuesday morning.

Be blessed,