Cussing Kids & 8 Year Old’s Wearing Weaves?


A few weeks ago my husband and kids decided to take a road trip to Oklahoma instead of flying.

The trip was a ton of fun, but something happened that shocked me to the core! Cale, our son cussed at us…

It may sound funny, but that really hit a nerve with me about kids and how as adults we sometimes say things around them thinking they will not repeat it, but trust me they will. » Read More

Can’t Never Could, But You Can!


My Dad would always say, “Quet, stop saying you can’t because Can’t Never Could!”.

I never understood what that meant when my Dad would tell me that, but now I get it.

It seems like over the last past couple of weeks all I’ve been hearing is I can’t cornrow. After my friend’s success I felt the need to share this story with you. » Read More

Why Do You Care So Much About My Hair?

iStock_000002200138XSmallOne of my close friends called me the other day just to chat and catch up. One of the things we ALWAYS take about is our hair. She’s been natural for years now. At the time she went natural I also went natural, but later decided to relax my hair.

Unhappy about my decision at the time, she tried her best to talk me out of it. » Read More

"Good Hair" Movie Review

After getting about 1,000 emails asking my thoughts on Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair”, I had to go see it for myself. Here’s what I had to say about the movie.

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My Weight Loss Journey

Are you ready to get in shape? I sure was. Over a year ago I started my weight loss journey. It was definitely a struggle, but the past 6 months, I decided to get “dialed in” and focused. I have started seeing results (progress pictures are posted on my Facebook page). I’ve gotten questions from so many of you asking for work out tips, so I decided to film one of my workouts. This was a hard one, but I felt great after it was all over!

Share your thoughts! I can’t wait to chat with you all!