Live Video Chat With Me Tomorrow + Hair Tutorial Inside


Get your questions ready for the chat and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Now, I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do with my braids when I had them was pull them up into a sloppy high bun (as long as my nape was in check…lol).

I can also remember having to wear my hair like that whenI was in ballet as a little girl. I always thought it was very elegant, classy and very feminine.

Well, guess what? The high bun is back and is one of the most trendiest ways to wear the hair this season! So, let me share some cool tips to help you get this chiclook. Here we » Read More

Would You Let TSA Check Your Fro?

I was doing some searching around the net the other day and ran across this interesting story.

Isis Brantley, a Dallas hairstylist spoke of being chased down by TSA at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport so they could check her Afro for weapons. Brantley has been growing her hair out since age 12.

“I just heard this weird voice saying, `Stop, lady don’t go! The lady with the big hair, stop,!` said Brantley to Channel 2 Action News during an interview. They stopped her and pretty much said they had to check her Afro for explosives. » Read More

A Shaved Head, Hair Show, & Post Op Update

It’s pretty hard to talk about 3 subjects without sounding like I’m rambling, but I wanted to be sure to cover all three so…here goes! 🙂

It’s Friday morning and I’m getting packed up to go to the Bronner Brother’s Hair Show. It’s been a while since I’ve been to their summer show and I can’t wait to get there. I hope to see you there so if you happen to see me, I’d love for you to introduce yourself! » Read More

Keratin Treatment Controversy

There has been a lot of controversy about all of the Keratin Treatments on the market being deemed dangerous because of the formaldehyde contained in the product.

This has been a controversy for a while now and once this started becoming an issue companies stopped saying there was formaldehyde in their products and started saying their products were formaldehyde free. But some of these products also claimed to contain aldehyde which is a form of formaldehyde. » Read More

Salon Pro 30 Sec Water Washable Weave & Extension Kit – Product Review

About 2 weeks ago I was in the Beauty Supply Store with my Mom helping her pick out some hair for a Quick Weave. Once she picked out her hair I headed over to the section with all of the different weave bonds to find my favorite Salon Pro 30 sec Bonding Glue.

While I was looking for it I stumbled upon a new product by Salon Pro called 30 Sec Water Washable Weave & Extension Kit. I looked at the box and it sure sounded good. Included in the kit is the following: » Read More

Pedicure Infections – 2 Tips You MUST Follow!

With summer right around the corner, we’re all itching to get to the salon not only to get our hair done, but also at a nail salon to get our mani’s and pedi’s. Before you go, please be sure to read the rest of this blog to avoid nasty bacterial infections.

Just a few weeks ago I caught the tail end of a conversation about a lady that just had her leg amputated because of an infection she got from a nail salon. Shocking right? I’m not too sure of the details of this exact case, but when doing my research I did find some interesting information. » Read More

Screaming Kids & $10 DVDs – What A Weekend!

I hope you’re off to a great start this week. I certainly am!

Last Friday I received my June/July issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine. I always get excited when I get any type of hair magazine in the mail.

This time since I was still in the car I passed the magazine off to my daughter Nya to hold for me until I pulled into the driveway. » Read More