How To Grow Your Edges With Simple Products

It’s Hump Day! I just wanted to recap everything that went on last week since it was so busy. So here goes…

1. Dan the “liferegenerator” on YouTube was here teaching Ricky and I how to eat Raw, and get healthy! While he was here Dan and I filmed “The Ultimate Hair Tonic” video. If you haven’t checked it out be sure to do so by going to the link below.

2. While Dan was here he filmed an Online Class called » Read More

3 Things You MUST Do If You Wear Remy Hair

Since I’ve been out of the Air Force I’ve felt free to do whatever I want with my hair…LOL!

The big thing I was so excited about was being able to wear 20 inch sew-in weaves.

Yes, I love wearing long hair, but with long hair comes care and maintenance, especially if you like to wear Remy hair like me.

I absolutely love it, but the one thing I’ve had to learn » Read More