“Something You Hold On To For Years, I Got Free From In 3 Days.”

I’ve had the opportunity to mentor some fantastic people through my 90 Day Mentorship Program. I can say that the program WILL change your life if you let it.

In December I graduated 22 people from the program. They all joined in August during the last Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! Event. Each one of them joined for a different reason, but they were all there for the same thing…FREEDOM. They didn’t know this at the time, but they all realized it later.

One of my recent graduates, Victor Moore, said, “Something You Hold On To, For Years, I Got Free From In 3 Days.”

At that event in August, I said that would be the last group of people I was going to offer the 90 Day Mentorship Program to for a while. But after seeing the change in these people and seeing how many need and still want to go through this program, I decided to take it to God in prayer and seek him to see if this is something I should continue to offer.

The answer was a simple…”Yes.” I don’t know how long I’ll offer it for, but I do know this, that program is tied to my purpose, and I will continue to be obedient until God shifts my focus in a different direction.

I’ll be sharing more details in the coming months about the next enrollment. In the meantime, enjoy this video from Victor Moore.

Be blessed,