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I Went Back To The Creamy Crack

So on Tuesday I went back to the creamy crack! In all honesty I never really left, I just took a break and wore braids for a few months to give my hair a break.

I have to say I LOVE my hair short!

The young lady that did my hair was outstanding! Check out some of the footage I filmed while I was at her salon.

Be blessed,

How To Do A Full Head Sew In Weave

One of the things I was most known for in my salon was my sew-in weaves. I always had my “go to” technique for clients who wanted some of their hair left out. Because it was one of my favorite techniques, I decided to film it a few years ago, and now I’m sharing it with you!

Although this video is a throwback, this technique is still awesome and will give you great results!

I hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy!

Be blessed,


My Thoughts On Gabrielle Union’s Braids

Last night I took myself out to the movies since I’m still here in Vegas. I went to go see “Almost Christmas”, and couldn’t watch the movie because I was too busy looking at Gabrielle’s hair! Check out the video for more!

Be blessed,

When Cutting Hair Goes Wrong

I remember a few years ago I frequented a salon bi-weekly. I wasn’t overly impressed with the work, but the stylist got the job done.

I distinctly remember coming in excited for this particular appointment because I wanted a short hair cut.
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The Military Natural Hair War

[youtube id=”wgzib-RrMHQ” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about an article that I just came across on I’ve been keeping up with the Military Hair regulations, well. I’m going to call it Military Hair War when it comes to natural hair with African-American women and bi-racial women.

I have a military background. I spent nine and a half years in the military and one of the biggest problems that I had Read More