Million Dollar Stylist Roadmap

Million Dollar Stylist Mastermind

For just $29 per month, any serious business owner should be a member of Marquetta and Ricky's Mastermind group. It's the best value when it comes to building your business and getting a behind-the-scenes look at Marquetta and Ricky's mindset, business, and tactics.

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Million Dollar Stylist Roadmap

90-Minute Business Accelerator Consulting Session

During this 90-minute coaching session, Ricky and Marquetta will help you get clear on your goals, focus your time and effort on those things that will help you achieve them, and create a realistic plan for living the life of the Million Dollar Stylist® as quickly as possible.

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Million Dollar Stylist Roadmap

1-on-1 Consulting Day With Marquetta Breslin

Imagine spending an entire day, just you and Marquetta Breslin, focused on building your business. You’ll dig deep into purpose, platform, and product, and walk away with more clarity, more excitement, and more confidence than ever.

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Million Dollar Stylist Roadmap

1-Year Private Mentorship Program

Some people are interested in nothing but the best. As a member of the 1-Year Private Mentorship Program, you’ll receive the best of everything we have to offer to help you move forward on your business-building journey.

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